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Profile: Blogging since 2007, changing my voice every year or so just for the fun of it. Started my education in nuclear engineering, planning to pursue graduate work in astrophysics, then decided to study english and history because they were titillatingly useless. Worked in advertising, business consulting, politics, naturopathic medicine, public and private education, public and private poverty alleviation, community development, and now real estate. Should be able to squeeze 8 more careers into the next half of my work life. Married at 18 after my freshman year, one child, divorced, eventually recovered. Married again at 25, survived that, 5 children, divorced at 35. Comfortably single for the past decade. Enjoying teens at home and my grown kids who make beautiful grandbabies, writing what I want, and growing flowers. Make killer salsa but otherwise hate cooking. Happily teach gospel doctrine. Live in the best approximation of Mayberry that currently exists. Should probably do yoga more often than I do. Feel free to remind me of this in comments.

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