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Post Election Hope

November 8, 2012

After the election results were announced, I was surprised by the number of people posting doom and gloom.  I read comments about how the outcome showed that we had lost faith in God as a country.  People talked of Armageddon and the Mayan Calendar.  You would have thought the world was ending.  To me, it […]

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Did Mormon Fasting Create a Romney Debate Victory?

October 9, 2012
Did Mormon Fasting Create a Romney Debate Victory?

Rumors of a widescale Mormon fast prior to the presidential debate were rampant on Facebook and even in some news articles.  I particularly enjoyed Pat Bagley’s cartoon on the topic.  In light of the much touted debate bounce that has resulted in a game-changer according to recent polling, I wonder if some of those faithful […]

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2nd Annual General Conference Statistics Predictions (with Poll)

March 22, 2012

14,433,880.  That is my prediction for the number of members that will be announced in General Conference next week for year-end 2011.  In case you missed last year, I made similar predictions then had a follow-up analyzing how close the estimates were in a post entitled Good vs Great: Iomega and General Conference Statistics.  I […]

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A Mormon in the White House?

May 17, 2011
A Mormon in the White House?

My own beginnings in the bloggernacle date to the 2008 election when I was interested in hearing more about Romney’s candidacy from the POV of other Mormons.  I started out reading and discussing posts at Mormon Mentality before I found Mormon Matters and got sucked in to that site’s discussion and then invited to blog there.  […]

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