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General Conference Buffet

April 23, 2014
General Conference Buffet

This is our first guest post from Kristine A. I think that General Conference could be called Mormonism’s Golden Corral. Twice a year, every year, we are invited to a feast of words of counsel and guidance from our leaders. The past two years since my faith transition I’ve been more acutely aware of a […]

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Mapping Elections and Mormonism

November 5, 2012
Mapping Elections and Mormonism

“Maps are powerful tools”, said John Hamer at the 2011 John Whitmer Historical Association meetings. His remarks have be published in the latest issue of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal (Fall/Winter 2012). He goes on to say Beyond their capacity to dazzle, maps allow historians to organize information in a completely different way than […]

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Are My Preconceived Notions Blinding Me?

August 23, 2012
Are My Preconceived Notions Blinding Me?

It is not often that I am prone to blog about scriptures and how they can inspire us. I generally find blogs that are a form of scriptural exegesis rather dull. If I want insipid spiritual thoughts full of sentimentality and devoid of substance I have the Ensign for that, or if I want to […]

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