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Is God Bound by Natural Law?: Weekend Poll

February 9, 2013
Is God Bound by Natural Law?:  Weekend Poll

We recently had a discussion about this on another thread. LDS Anarchist said:  “Now, we know that there is a law given in heaven and that He is the one who gave it. And we know that His law is based upon agency, not coercion. So, we have a law (created by God) based on […]

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You Don’t have to be Perfect to Receive Revelation from God

September 2, 2012
You Don’t have to be Perfect to Receive Revelation from God

This is the first post from Grace for Grace.  He runs his own blog with the same name. In Elder’s Quorum last Sunday, one comment stood out to me.  The elder in our group shared an experience where he felt that as long as we are doing “all the right things” we will be in […]

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Our Imperfect God

May 18, 2012
Our Imperfect God

When we do a really careful study of what JS taught about God and gods, when we understand the history of God, and when we understand the nature of God as presented by Jesus in what little we have of his authentic teachings, we see that God is not the platonic ideal.  The LDS answer […]

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Mormonism 101: A Confusing FAQ

March 15, 2012

Given the increased media interest in the Church over the past year, the Mormon Newsroom recently published a document entitled “Mormonism 101: FAQ” .   Overall, the document does a good job of clearing up some misconceptions about the Church, and it is very well written, but I do have an issue with some of the […]

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What if God was your next door neighbour?

January 25, 2012
What if God was your next door neighbour?

We often speak of God as a distant abstract entity, a being who dwells on a planet next to Kolob. At the same time we talk of a being who is intimately involved in our lives and helps us find our lost car keys. This dual process of distancing and bringing Him close in many […]

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Bono and the Pharisees: On Being Spiritual vs Religious

October 19, 2011

In my post last week on what we should do if we truly wanted to spread the gospel more effectively, there was some discussion in the comments on being spiritual vs being religious.  Is one possible without the other?  Is one “better” than the other?  Is there a difference between the two?  And, if so, […]

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A God I Could Believe In

April 23, 2011
A God I Could Believe In

Isn’t it funny that most of us here are about to celebrate Easter, but this here will be a post about the Epiphany? …ok, maybe not. I dually apologize for my lateness as well as for any offense I may commit. Anyway, several months ago, a friend asked in a Facebook status: So this question […]

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Science & Religion #9: Is Moroni A Sphere?

December 14, 2010

Or is Moroni just STANDING on a sphere? . To go much further in some of our discussions, we need to talk about multiple dimensions.  There are going to be concepts we talk about that really only make sense if we can get past this 3-dimensional world in which we live (NOTE: Time is often […]

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Science & Religion #7: In The Beginning…

November 30, 2010

Just like BiV’s recent post, this one begins in Primary.  A few months ago I was in sharing time and the message was on miracles.  The leader had some children come up to hold different sized balls representing the solar system.  There was a large beach ball for the sun, a marble for Mercury, and […]

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