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Going Dutch – Sex Ed from Holland

December 6, 2011
Going Dutch – Sex Ed from Holland

Are Americans too uptight about sex?  What is the Law of Chastity designed to avoid or prevent?  Teen pregnancy?  Self-esteem issues?  Teens manipulating one another for gratification? I recently read a fascinating article about how families handle teen sexuality in the Netherlands.  Americans generally view the Dutch as over-the-top permissive, which they are by our standards, but the Dutch would […]

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CHI Training Impressions

November 22, 2010
CHI Training Impressions

This post is from Ray Degraw. He runs his own blog called Things of My Soul, and has blogged at Mormon Matters and StayLDS. Everyone in the Bloggernacle knows him simply as ‘Ray’. Last week, he attended the worldwide training for the recently distributed Church Handbook of Instructions and wanted to share his impressions. I am not a natural note […]

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