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Interview with John Hamer

June 3, 2015
Interview with John Hamer

I understand you have been involved in collecting manuscripts and original documents that touch upon or concern the “Mormon” Church. What has that meant in your life? What perspectives has that given you? I’ve done work in the Community of Christ Archives, which are located in the Temple in Independence, Missouri. The archives contain a […]

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Mapping Elections and Mormonism

November 5, 2012
Mapping Elections and Mormonism

“Maps are powerful tools”, said John Hamer at the 2011 John Whitmer Historical Association meetings. His remarks have be published in the latest issue of the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal (Fall/Winter 2012). He goes on to say Beyond their capacity to dazzle, maps allow historians to organize information in a completely different way than […]

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Mummies in the Temple

January 31, 2011
Mummies in the Temple

Did you know that the early saints charged admission to the general public to see Egpytian Mummies inside the Kirtland Temple?  John Larsen of Mormon Expression conducted a fascinating interview with John Hamer and Barbara Walden on the history of the Kirtland Temple.  I was so enamored with the interview, that I decided to transcribe the […]

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