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J Reuben Clark: Pacifist or Pro-Nazi?

July 17, 2013
J Reuben Clark:  Pacifist or Pro-Nazi?

This is the first guest post from Morgan Deane.  He blogs at Warfare and the Book of Mormon. In repeated discussions of LDS positions on war there is an inevitable quotation from J. Reuben Clark.[2]  But non violent proponents and radical libertarians do not know the life and times of this man, which in turn […]

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Ron Paul at UVU

October 29, 2012
Ron Paul at UVU

In case you thought that Mitt Romney had unanimous support in Utah, you may be surprised to find out that Ron Paul was given rock star treatment at Utah Valley University a few weeks ago.  KSL noted that Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU. You may wonder why I attended […]

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Gun Laws – Over My Dead Body!

February 22, 2011
Gun Laws – Over My Dead Body!

Today is another joint post by jmb275 and Hawkgrrrl.  This time, it’s a topic on which the two of us generally disagree:  guns.  Hawkgrrrl thinks most people who want guns are exactly the people who shouldn’t have them, and  jmb275 – well, loves his guns.  Read on to see what we think and to compare with […]

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