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Bible Dictionary: Did Paul Write Hebrews?

October 31, 2013
Bible Dictionary:  Did Paul Write Hebrews?

It’s time to return to my series on the Bible Dictionary.  The Book of Hebrews has generally been attributed as written by Paul.  I was surprised to read that the Bible Dictionary is ambivalent on this point. There was at least 10 years after the conference at Jerusalem had determined that certain ordinances of the […]

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Re-evaluating Gay Scriptures

January 7, 2013
Re-evaluating Gay Scriptures

Reverend Dr. Laurence C. Keene, Disciples of Christ, “When people ask questions about homosexuality, almost always they follow with, ‘and what does the Bible really say about it?’ The preceding quote comes from an interesting documentary on Netflix called For the Bible Tells Me So.  The documentary discusses traditional and liberal Christian beliefs about homosexuality in the scriptures. […]

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What Would Jesus Do?

March 20, 2012
What Would Jesus Do?

Some folks have developed some weird notions about Jesus that in fact differ greatly from the Jesus represented in the books of the Bible (which were written many years after his death anyway).  The Jesus I hear people talking about is feminized and sometimes even, dare I say, Republican.  As Mormon Heretic pointed out yesterday, […]

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Did Peter get Demoted? Was James the Real Leader of Ancient Christianity?

October 25, 2010
Did Peter get Demoted?  Was James the Real Leader of Ancient Christianity?

I recently finished the book Saint Peter: A Biography by Michael Grant.  I’ve heard a few scholars make the case that James, Jesus’ brother was the leader of the early Christian church rather than Peter, but I didn’t understand the reasoning behind that.  Grant seems to believe that Peter got demoted following his well-known conflict […]

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